Foxy Auto and Truck Repair


How it all started

Sally and her dad

Sally began working in her fathers auto repair shop in her early teenage years. She spent years learning the trade and becoming familiar with the business. Her fathers repair shop was located in an industrial complex along with five other auto repair businesses. This complex was like a community. There was little competition between businesses, everyone helped each other, lending tools, knowledge and even a helping hand to any one who needed it.

This was the perfect environment. With the help of her fathers good reputation, his extensive network of contacts, and the support of the complex, in late 2005 Sally took her first step towards owning her own shop. She first purchasing two lifts from a repair shop that was closing that had been located directly across the lot from her fathers location. Sally had no real plan for the lifts, still standing in the now empty 28’ by 28’ cinder block bay.

The walls of the small bay were blue with a red stripe running all the way around. Wood benches lined the wall’s and a set of stairs led to an empty mezzanine. Everything was dirty from years of service. Still having no plan for the lifts, Sally paid the rent for that month, providing her with storage for the lifts and a bit more time to think.

Sally eventually decided to continue renting the the bay. She called on a friend who was putting together a project truck and asked if he would want to split the bay for a while. He said yes and together they cleaned up and painted the walls white. In early 2006 Sally's friend moved his truck onto one of the lifts. They bought some tools together and over the next year Sally slowly started to compile tools and equipment for the shop, mostly used, donated or in need of repair. She eventually started to do a portion of her fathers work out of her small bay, still having to borrow a lot of tools and ask many questions. In late 2006, a used compressor, a new impact gun, and a “borrowed” (sorry Dad) air hose made the grunt work much easier.

By 2007 her friend had moved his truck out. Still needing help covering the rent Sally rented half the space to another friend. By this time she was well on her way to owning her own shop but it still needed a name! Being a bit shy and not comfortable playing up the female aspect of her shop, Sally decided on Sal’s Auto Repair. This name did not sit will with her then 20 year old sister Sheila.

Sheila was always a bit more daring than Sally and saw no reason to play down the female aspect of the shop. She came on strong and before long the white walls of the shop were adorned with a pink stripe and the name Foxy Auto had been decided upon. $700.00 later a sign was made, but not hung. Again, it took a push from Sheila to get the sign hung and the name made official.

By 2009, Foxy Auto was a fully functional auto repair facility. Wrenched by Sally, encouraged by Sheila, and supported by a growing network of customers.

In early 2013, it became clear that Foxy Auto was outgrowing it's small 2-bay unit. By stroke of luck in a timely fashion, a unit across the parking lot that was four times larger became available. Sally siezed the opportunity, and took on the challenge of setting up a whole new shop and moving all the equipment and tools, as well as purchasing some new items allowing Foxy Auto to expand on the number of services offered.

Foxy Auto is looking forward to a strong future, and would like to thank all those who showed faith, trust and support along the way.